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How to Download Pinterest Videos

Downloading videos from Pinterest using VDFR is a breeze. To download videos from your favorite Pinterest posts, just follow these simple steps below.

Copy the Pinterest post link

Tap on the Share icon below the post. Tap on Copy Link from the list of available options.

Paste the Pinterest link

Paste the copied link into the field above and click on the Download button.

Download the video

Choose your preferred resolution and click on the Download button to download the video.

If you download Pinterest videos frequently, an Pinterest Video Downloader mobile app can be really handy. We built the VDFR Android app to make it even easier to download videos from Pinterest.

About VDFR - An Pinterest Video Downloader

VDFR is an online Pinterest Video Downloader. It’s the perfect tool to save images and videos from Pinterest. VDFR allows you to download images and videos from any Pinterest post with ease in just a few clicks. Also, it is 100% free to use.

Our site also supports downloading images and videos from posts containing multiple media in a single Pinterest post. You can download videos in HD from Pinterest using VDFR.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VDFR?

VDFR is an online tool that helps you download videos and images from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.

How to download videos using VDFR?

Just copy the link to the post from Pinterest and paste it into VDFR to download the video or image from that post.

Is VDFR free to use?

Yes, VDFR is 100% free to use.

Can I download videos from private accounts using VDFR?

No, you cannot download private videos from Pinterest using VDFR. Downloading private videos require you to log in to your Pinterest account which is not something we want to provide in order to ensure user account security.

How to download Pinterest videos on Android?

You can download videos from Pinterest on your Android device using this site or the VDFR Android app. You can download the VDFR app for Android here.

How to download Pinterest videos on iPhone?

You can download videos from Pinterest on your iPhone using this site or the VDFR iOS app. You can download the VDFR app for iOS here.

Do I need to sign up to use VDFR?

No, you don't need to register or sign up to use VDFR. You just need a link to the Pinterest video or image that you want to download.

Why am I not able to download the video from VDFR?

The video or image you are trying to download might belong to a private Pinterest account hence, VDFR won’t be able to download that video or image.